If you choose to study this course, you will have a strong passion for mathematics and enjoy the pursuit of problem solving for the simplicity of further developing your mathematical strength. Further Maths provides an insight into abstract branches of mathematics and forms a smooth transition to students who are considering further study of Mathematics or Science at university.

The applied content on this course can be an extension of Mechanics or Statistics or can focus on Decision Mathematics. Further Maths is designed to enhance your capability of problem solving and is a most highly regarded A Level.


  • Pure and Algebraic Mathematics
    > Matrices
    > Complex Numbers
    > Calculus
    > Hyperbolic Functions


Your AS examinations will be completed at the end of Year 12. There will then be the opportunity to continue study into Year 13 and complete Further Mathematics A Level if you desire.

Future Paths

  • Further Education
    Most universities now require students to have completed Further Maths to at least AS standard in order to apply for Mathematics and some Science courses. 
    Potential university courses include: 
    > Computer Science
    > Economics
    > Engineering
    > Mathematics
    > Statistics

  • Careers 
    Potential careers you can go into with a Mathematics qualification include:
    > Accountancy 
    > Engineering 
    > Financial Advising 
    > Investment Banking 
    > Software Development 
    > Teaching