Have you ever watched the news and wondered how people can understand all this stuff? Maybe you’re already fascinated and love to debate political issues.

Studying Government and Politics will give you an understanding of the political ideas and system in the UK and the USA. The skills and knowledge that you develop through this course are useful in themselves as they will empower you as citizens and give you a much better understanding of the world in which you live. As a basis for work or further study, this qualification is extremely valuable and well respected.


  • Politics in the UK
    > Political parties
    > Elections and electoral systems
    > Voting behaviour
    > How people vote
  • The Government in the UK
    > Role and powers of the Prime Minister, Cabinet and Parliament
    > The judicial system in the UK
    > The Supreme Court

  • The Government and Politics of the USA
    > Politics in the United States
    > How the USA is run
    > Comparisons between UK and US politics

  • Political Ideas
    > Liberalism
    > Conservatism
    > Socialism
    > Feminism
    > The key issues in Britain and the USA today


How am I assessed? 100% examination (three exams at the end of Year 13). Duration: 2 hours each.


  • Local MP Q &A
    We invite our local MP for a Q&A, where you can pitch your own questions to a real MP!
  • Trip to Parliament
    We are potentially running a trip to Parliament in the future. Please check back for details.

Future Paths

  • Further Education
    With a qualification in Politics, you could progress to university.
    Potential courses include:
    > Economics
    > History
    > International Politics
    > International Relations
    > Political Theories
    > Sociology

  • Careers
    With a qualification in Politics, you could go into many careers.
    Examples include:
    > Activism
    > Armed Forces
    > Civil Service
    > Finance
    > Industrial Relations
    > Marketing and PR
    > Politics
    > Teaching