This fantastic course will give you the skills and knowledge to develop and enhance your musical understanding and practical ability. You will look into music industry practices and truly understand what it is like to be a part of the professional music world. This course gives you the opportunity to not only focus on yourself and the development of your musical skill but to also consider your introduction as a musician into the real music world. You will have the opportunity to enhance your musical ear and build an understanding of both solo and ensemble techniques and skills required to further yourself as a musician. You will have a chance to work alongside other musicians, working in a collaborative environment.

This course will prepare you for progression into higher education, both vocationally and educationally. You will gain not only knowledge but skill and experience to allow you to flourish in higher education. This course will also allow you explore and advance your transferable skills applicable to a great variety of jobs and opportunities.  


The units we will be looking at cover understanding and application of skills in the music industry, performance based tasks as well as enhancing and developing your musical ear, giving you the opportunity to continue your growth as a musician.

By the end of the course you will have:
> Developed a wide range of all three performing arts disciplines
> Performed in workshop situations
> Developed an understanding of the performing arts business
> Performed to a range of audiences
> Developed understanding of the core principles in all three art forms
> Developed your rehearsal skills and learned to work as member of a Musical Theatre Company/dance troupe
> Devised your own material for performance
> Performed extracts of musical theatre work in our Fells Theatre


How am I assessed? Through a mixture of internally and externally assessed units.


  • Music Service
    Any student is eligible for instrumental and/or vocal tuition. Our emphasis is on providing quality tuition for all year groups and standards at South Craven School. Lessons take place during the normal school day (8.25am until 3.10pm). Where possible the tuition will be timetabled on a rotational basis so that minimal disruption is caused to the normal school timetable. All our music tutors will demonstrate the instruments to you and will give you the opportunity to have a go!
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Future Paths

  • Alumni
    Every year we have cohorts of students that go on to study Music at university and conservatories, including Leeds College of Music, the University of Huddersfield and Yarmouth universities.

  • Further Education
    With a qualification in Music, you could progress to university.
    Potential courses include:
    > Applied Music
    > Music Industry
    > Music Technology
    > Musicianship
    > Performance Studies

  • Careers
    Potential careers you can go into with a Music qualification include:
    > Advertising
    > Computing
    > Events Management
    > Musicianship
    > Sound Recording
    > Teaching