Media is one of the most rapidly changing aspects of our world – the power and effect of it is all around us. On this course you will study the industry and learn how to create and produce your own media texts.
Although the theoretical framework will remain constant, the contexts and media products will be constantly evolving to reflect current trends, making this a dynamic and highly engaging media course.


  • Media One Section A: Media Language and Media Representations
    > Advertising and marketing
    > Music video

  • Media One Section B: Media Industries and Media Audiences
    > Radio
    > Newspapers
    > Film (industries only)

  • Media Two
    > Television
    > Magazines
    > Online, social and participatory media / video games


How am I assessed? Through a non-exam assessment. You will create a cross-media product in response to a given brief.

Future Paths

  • Further Education
    With a qualification in Media, you could progress to university.
    Potential courses include:
    > Animation
    > Broadcast Production
    > Film Studies
    > Journalism
    > Media Studies
  • Careers
    Potential careers you can go into with a Media qualification include:
    > Advertising 
    > Animation
    > Film and Television 
    > Fashion and Textiles 
    > Graphic Design
    > Marketing
    > Teaching