In Graphics we will encourage you to realise your true creative potential. You will stimulate your ideas using visual language, and explore the styles and influences of different artists. Working with a variety of materials and techniques will encourage you to become more independent and experimental.

Visits outside the classroom will make you aware of work of other artists and designers, which will support your learning and introduce you to professional practice. You will develop a firm basis in the skills, understanding and knowledge that employers across many industries are looking for.


> Advertising
> Animation
> Communication Graphics
> Computer Graphics
> Design for Print
> Film, Television and/or Video
> Illustration
> Multimedia
> Packaging Design
> Web Design


There are four Assessment Objectives.

  • AO1
    Develop your ideas through sustained and focused investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and critical understanding.
  • AO2
    Experiment with and select appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes, reviewing and refining your ideas as your work develops.
  • AO3
    Record in visual and/or other forms ideas, observations and insights relevant to your intentions, demonstrating an ability to reflect on your work and progress.
  • AO4
    Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating critical understanding, realising intentions and, where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.


In school opportunities include workshops with practising artists. Workshops may include activities such as life drawing, screen printing, book binding. Out of school there will be opportunities to visit universities and London galleries.

Future Paths

  • Further Education
    With a qualification in Graphics you could progress to university, where potential courses include:
    > Advertising
    > Animation
    > Fashion
    > Graphic Design
    > Interior Design
    > Jewellery
    > Photography
    > Textiles
    > Theatre Design
  • Careers
    Potential careers you can go into with a Graphics qualification include:
    > Advertising
    > Commercial Art
    > Graphic Design
    > Exhibition Design
    > Marketing
    > Film and Television
    > Fashion and Textiles
    > Teaching