Business Studies may not make you a millionaire by the time you’re 21, but it will provide you with the entrepreneurial skills and the wider external economic understanding for you to succeed in your future business career. This course allows you to cover a wide range of theory and business models. You will learn about the internal functions of the business – Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources. In addition you will learn about real-life external factors including the economy, politics, law and global competition.

Within our department, you will also have the chance to participate in a well-regarded Young Enterprise scheme, where you can put your entrepreneurial skills to the test. You will have the opportunity to run your own business, manage a HSBC bank account, compete against schools from North Yorkshire and across the country where you will hopefully make a profit that you can keep. You will also have the opportunity to take part in ‘Student Investor,’ where you can try your hand at investing a virtual £100,000 on the stock exchange and have a chance to win a trip to New York.


You will study business in a variety of contexts, including local, national and global business, manufacturing, the service sector and charities. You will also study internal theory covering various functional areas such as marketing, finance, operations and human resources. Strategic decision making involving ethics, culture, quantitative financial calculations, technology, politics, economics, societal issues, laws and various business models is also included in the course.

You will complete the following topics:
> 3:1 – What is business?
> 3:2 – Managers, leadership and decision making
> 3:3 – Decision making to improve marketing performance
> 3:4 – Decision making to improve operational performance
> 3:5 – Decision making to improve financial performance
> 3:6 – Decision making to improve human resources performance
> 3:7 – Analysing the strategic position of a business
> 3:8 – Choosing strategic direction
> 3:9 -Strategic methods and how to pursue strategies
> 3:10 – Managing strategic change


  • Paper One: Business 1
    What is assessed? All content.
    How am I assessed? A written exam worth 100 marks in total. Section A has 15 multiple choice questions worth 15 marks, Section B has short answer questions worth 35 marks and Sections C and D have two essay questions (choice of one from two) worth 25 marks each. This is worth 33.3% of your A Level.
    Duration: 2 hours.

  • Paper Two: Business 2
    What is assessed? All content.
    How am I assessed? A written exam worth 100 marks in total. There are three compulsory data response questions worth approximately 33 marks each and made up of three or four part questions. This is worth 33.3% of your A Level.
    Duration: 2 hours.

  • Paper Three: Business 3
    What is assessed? All content.
    How am I assessed? A written exam worth 100 marks in total. There will be a compulsory case study followed by approximately six questions. This is worth 33.3% of your A Level.
    Duration: 2 hours.

Future Paths

  • Further Study
    With a qualification in Business Studies you could study at university.
    Courses include:
    > Business Studies
    > Business Management
    > Economics
    > Accountancy
    > Marketing and Public Relations

    Business Studies also supports you on Joint Honours degree courses, sandwich courses with a year in industry and for courses outside of Business Studies, such as Law, Sports Management, Politics and Media.

  • Apprenticeships
    You may choose to progress onto an apprenticeship in the local area or further afield. We have strong links with Skipton Building Society and a number of our students are taken on their apprenticeship scheme each year. You may also enter straight into employment.

  • Careers
    Potential careers you can go into with a Business Studies qualification include:
    > Analytics
    > Accountancy
    > Entrepreneurship
    > Marketer
    > Teaching
    > Treasurer