Hundreds raised for local and national charities

By Faizah Kamal

Year 12 and 13 students put the fun into fundraising by involving the whole school in a series of events which included bake sales, penalty shootouts and how many sweets in a jar.

Through dedicated fundraising the students managed to raise a total of £1,956.24. The funds have been evenly donated between three charities; SCAD, YoungMinds (in memory of ex-student Aidan Mazurke) and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Roger Lennon (Lenny), the Regional and Education Awareness Executive for Teenage Cancer Trust across Yorkshire and Humber was invited to the school last week to be presented with the cheque and discuss the awareness of cancer among young people as well as recognizing the symptoms.

Lenny explained how cancer can affect everyone at some point in our lives; it might be a friend, a family member or even ourselves. He emphasized how the symptoms can commonly be overlooked or ignored and how Stage 2 cancer can often advance to Stage 4, which is why extra attention is needed when checking your body for any abnormalities early on. He advised if you are ever unsure then talk to your parents or your GP, but never be embarrassed about your symptoms.

Symptoms may include lumps, bumps and swelling which might be painless. Lenny stated that these may be the first indications of cancer and anyone affected should get them checked by a GP if they are recurring and persistent. Fatigue or constant tiredness is another symptom which can go unnoticed by most people as they may dismiss the symptom as the result of stress. Other symptoms include unexplainable weight gain and dizziness. Further information can be found on the Teenage Cancer Trust website if there have been any concerns raised.

After the insightful talk from Lenny he was presented with a cheque for £651.42 by the Sixth Form Committee which was raised from the ‘£10 challenge’. The proceeds will help young people in their fight against cancer.

Teenage Cancer Trust website